What is this site?

This is the subscription site for the independent projects of David Delaney Mayer. Once you've subscribed, you are supporting the production of future films AND you gain access to watching the past films.

Why is all the content gated?

Producing films depends on this support, and we hope you decide to support our work :). However, there are opportunities to attend free screenings from time to time around Durham, NC!

Once I subscribe do I have access to everything on this site?

Yes! Once you've subscribed you have access to all the posts and films on the site. It doesn't matter what tier subscriber you are; all tiers have the same benefits.

Where does the money go?

You may be shocked to know: arthouse documentaries never make any money. Not real money. So all of the subscriptions here go towards production of the films, which means it goes to a community of filmmakers that take part in production: to sound mixers, color mixers, camera operators, editors, composers and beyond.

Why should I subscribe?

To support a small team of independent filmmakers! And to watch some cool movies you can't really see anywhere else. Also, to get your name in the credits!

Who is David Delaney Mayer?

Just a guy who loves truly independent, arthouse documentaries and who aspires to build communities and systems to support work done by indy filmmakers. Here's more about him :) https://ddmfilms.com/our-story

What if I just want to watch one project and not subscribe?

No problem! Simply create the account, then you can cancel anytime! Once you've watched that project, you can just unsubscribe.

Once I have subscribed, how do I watch the films?

All of the films are linked as Vimeo links embedded in the posts on the homepage. Just navigate there, scroll down, and click the post you want to read/watch!

What else should I know about David and the team before subscribing?

There's more information about the ongoing work on the website: https://ddmfilms.com/ and on Instagram!