DDM Film Update - Screening of Dance Became My Voice at 21C

DDM Film Update - Screening of Dance Became My Voice at 21C

I am very excited to invite you to a screening of Dance Became My Voice at the 21C Hotel in downtown Durham on Sunday November 26 from 4-7pm. We have been working with the museum manager, Jonh Blanco, to organize a screening, community discussion, and a reception in their event space. Doors open at 4pm, screening is at 5pm, and the community discussion is following the movie. Tony and I are hoping that the movie can spark a greater discussion about what it means to belong to a community, something we have discussed a lot as part of this project.

Here's the official link: https://downtowndurham.com/event/dance-became-my-voice-dance-film-screening-community-discussion/

Here's some writing about the movie: https://www.ddmfilms.com/dance-became-my-voice/

Events like this are exciting opportunities to get a lot of folks together, have some drinks, and catch up! I relish the time to stay in touch with everyone, and it's an honor to share this documentary with you. So please consider joining us to celebrate the film, to experience a bit of the beautiful work (and words) of Tony, and ultimately to be a part of a greater community of people thinking about the role art plays in all of our lives.  

Looking forward to it. And, thank you as always for your ongoing support.


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